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Statistical Report for Informational Material - education and outreach

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Top Downloads for January 2021

Title Creator Publisher Date Count
Topographic survey 1971 23
A numerical model for the mechanical behaviour of intraplate volcanoes Journal of Geophysical Research vol 93 no 85 1988 14
A note on whole-mass corrections from piecemeal determinations for fur seals South African Journal of Wildlife Research vol 13 no 2 1983 10
Marion and Prince Edward Islands 1970 6
Notes on the birds of Marion Island Ibis 1954 6
The penguins of Marion Island The Ostrich 1955 6
List of Hepaticae collected in Marion Island by Mr R.W. Rand, Dec. 1951 - April 1952 Svensk Botanisk 1953 6
What's that short in my PA? 1984 5
The Pteridophyta of Marion Island The Journal of South African Botany 1957 3
Welcome Sun Valley Primary to: Adventures of an Earth Scientist at Stellenbosch University 2

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