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The Digital SA Agulhas II - Flagship for Vessel 4.0

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dc.description.abstract Today, the SA Agulhas II (SAAII) is equipped with +200 engineering sensors. She boasts an unparalleled full-scale data history which has proven its crucial utility to validate the POLARIS Risk Index for the International Maritime Organization and has led to internationally published research on ice-induced propeller moments, wave slamming and human task performance. It is proposed to fully leverage the unique advantage of scarce operational full-scale data towards new research contributions in shipping. Additionally, to push the SAAII to yet another frontier by transpiring her evolution as a digital asset, hinging off Maritime 4.0. New engineering models for ships require validation against real data. The SAAII, her working environment, her sensors and her access culminates to data and matchless practical traction. On board, research ideologies are pruned by the "school of practice" and first-hand experience of the needs of officers, crew and passengers. The digitization deliverables for the SAAII fall in the ambit of three criteria: 1. The novelty required for engineering research impact; 2. Digital services with benefits to ship stakeholders; 3. Digitization with commercial prospects; Subject to these criteria, four focus areas are identified: 1. A digital twin for the remaining useful life of propulsion components impacted by propeller loads in ice. 2. A smart digital hull for the prediction of ship motion, fatigue and environmental hull loads. 3. Mariner 4.0, a human digital twin to evaluate human task performance and safety. 4. “Google maps for ice” - Navigational assistance for navigators through data aggregation, optimization and machine vision. The present proposal seeks investment to: 1. Develop novel engineering models and data products; 2. Equip the SAAII for data aggregation; storage & communication; 3. Fund and train post-graduate engineering students; 4. Enable travel to disseminate results and cultivate collaborations. en_ZA
dc.description.sponsorship Sponsored by the Department of Science and Innovation(DSI) through the National Research Foundation (South Africa) en_ZA
dc.description.statementofresponsibility Antarctic Legacy of South Africa en_ZA
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dc.publisher South African National Antarctic Programme (SANAP) NRF Projects en_ZA
dc.relation SANAP Call - 2021-2023 en_ZA
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dc.subject Human exposure to vibration en_ZA
dc.subject Drive train vibration en_ZA
dc.subject Vibration measurement en_ZA
dc.subject High strain rate material characterisation en_ZA
dc.subject Mechanical vibration transmission en_ZA
dc.subject Vibration analysis en_ZA
dc.subject Digital signal processing en_ZA
dc.title The Digital SA Agulhas II - Flagship for Vessel 4.0 en_ZA
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dc.type Research Project en_ZA
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dc.rights.holder Bekker, A. en_ZA
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