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Acceptance of the research station of the Norwegian Government on Queen Maud Land (Antarctica) by the Union government

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dc.description.abstract Letter from Sekretaris van Buitelandse Sake to Sekretaris van Lande, 21.4.1959, entitled “Kaarte van Antarktika” and correspondence regarding. Letter from Director-General: Surveys to Secretary for Lands, 30.6.59, “S.C.A.R. Working Group on Cartography: Mapping of Antarctica”. Several telegrams exchanged between the Secretary for External Affairs and the S.A. Embassy, Washington, on the subject of South African Antarctic Expedition’s occupation of Norwegian base in Queen Maud Land, August ’59. Undated letter from C.G. Wide (Sekretaris: SANKAN komitee) entitled “Dringende Vergadering van SANKAN”. Document entitled “Dringende Vergadering van SANKAN woensdag 2 September 1959, OM 9 VM: Vervoergebou Pretoria: Agenda”. Letter from Sekretaris van Vervoer to die Minister ,4.9.59, entitled “Advieskomitee Insake Antarktika-Aangeleenthede”. Copies (in Afrikaans) of “Memorandum oor moontlike deelname van Unie aan Antarktika bedrywighede” and “Moontlike Programme”, 28.6.59. Note from M.P. van Rooy (Chairman) to all members of SANCAR entitled “Antarctica: Latest Developments”. Copy (in Afrikaans) of “Notule van Vergadering van die Suid-Afrikaanse Nasionale Komitee vir Antarktiese Navorsing (SANKAN) gebou in die Vervoergebou, Pretoria, Om 9 Vm. op Woensdag 9e September 1959”. Document from Secretary, SCAR to Delegates and National Committee entitled “SCAR Circ. No. 30: Reports on National Programme of Research in Antarctica” Reports on Activities Planned for the Coming year, undated. Draft Directive entitled “Antarctic Conference: Washington: October, 1959: American Draft Treaty: June, 1959”. Document from Secretary for External Affairs, 2.9.59, entitled “Antarctica” on the subject of the United States draft working paper for the Antarctic conference and summary of positions of other treaty powers with regard to Articles IV, VI, IX. Draft Antarctic Treaty Working Papers: Article I, Article II, Article III, Article IV, Article V, Article VI, Article VII, Article VIII, Article X, Modus Vivendi, June 1959. Telegrams exchanged between S.A. High Commissioner, London and Secretary for External Affairs on the subject of procurement of supplies for S.A. Antarctic Expedition; press release re. the occupation of Norway base by South Africa; possible establishment of weather station on Bouvet Island, August-September ’59. Various correspondence on the subject of revisions and amendments to the draft Antarctic Treaty. Terms of agreement between Norway and South Africa concerning the loan of of Norway station on Queen Maud Land, October ’59. Translation of article in Correio da Manhã: “Coldness (indifference) of Brazil”, 18.10.59. Despatches from Secretary for External Affairs entitled “Brazil and Antarctica”, 21.11.59; “Norway Station Agreement: Registration”, 8.11.59; “Antarctic Treaty: Site for Secretariat”, 2.3.60. + correspondence regarding. Telegram from S.A. Embassy to Secretary for External Affairs re. the Soviet Union’s rejection of the text of Antarctic Treaty article on nuclear uses, 25.22.59. Translated excerpts on Brazil’s non-participation in the International Geophysical Year, Correio da Manhã, 25.10.59. Report to the South African National Committee for Antarctic Research on the Antarctic Symposium of Buenos Aires, by Prof. E.W.S. Simpson, November ’59. Minutes of SANCAR meeting held on 6.1.60, in Afrikaans. Report on Washington Antarctic conference, 30.11.59. Note to the Minister on the subject of estimated cost of occupying Norway station, in Afrikaans. SANAE progress report, 11.11.59, in Afrikaans. Note from the Secretary for Lands re. the South African National Antarctic Expedition and other matters, 3.5.60, in Afrikaans. Letter from E.S.W. Simpson to Mr. van Rooy on the subject of the possible setting up of an International Antarctic Geological Research Centre in South Africa, 23.4.60 Minutes of meeting of SANCAR: Antarctic Geological Data Centre Sub-committee, 20.5.60. Press statement re. the arrangements made by the South African scientific expedition to Queen Maud Land, 28.9.59. Minutes of SANCAR meeting held on 7.6.60, in Afrikaans. Report (in Afrikaans) of working group on programs for SANAE 1961 Report, by R.J. Kleywegt, concerning his visit to Norway Base and a Review of investigation already made of Queen Maud Land, 12.4.60. Report from sub-committee on the exploration of Bouvet, 2.6.60, in Afrikaans. Memorandum on recommendations regarding an effective organization for the promotion of the union's participation in Antarctic research, in Afrikaans. Notice of SANCAR meeting to be held on 7.6.60, in Afrikaans. Recommendations of the sub-committee appointed by SANCAR under chairmanship of prof. S.P. Jackson. Newsletter No. 130, from the Weather Bureau and Department of Transport, 31.1.60, in Afrikaans. en_ZA
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dc.title Acceptance of the research station of the Norwegian Government on Queen Maud Land (Antarctica) by the Union government en_ZA
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