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Title Creator Publisher Date Count
A history of South African involvement in Antarctica and at the Prince Edward Islands South African Journal of Antarctic Research 2013-09-23 95
Konsep meesterplan Marion Eiland 2013-07-19 44
Accumulation of stranded plastic objects and other artefacts at Inaccessible Island, Central South Atlantic Ocean. South African Journal of Antarctic Research vol 18 no 1 2013-10-09 40
Marion Team M71 Newsletter - The Wanderer Department of Environmental Affairs 2014-12-09 39
A note on breeding sites of Snow Petrels (Pagodroma nivea) at Roberskollen, Boreas and Passat nunataks, western Dronning Maud Land South African Journal of Antarctic Research vol 13 2013-09-23 37
A recent history of South African earth science research in Antarctica and adjacent regions South African Journal of Antarctic Research Vol 21 no 2 2013-09-25 35
A history of recent South African marine research in the Southern Ocean South African Journal for Antarctic Research vol 21 no 2 2013-09-23 23
Prince Edward Islands Management Plan 2013-07-19 18
A note on whole-mass corrections from piecemeal determinations for fur seals South African Journal of Wildlife Research vol 13 no 2 2013-09-25 16
Meteorological Tristan da Cunha including Gough and Marion Isles 1946 Stellenbosch : Antarctic Legacy Project 2011-10-17 16

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