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Top Downloads for July 2018

Title Creator Publisher Date Count
Operations relief voyage on SAS Vrystaat to Marion in 1957 1957 61
Gough... a lovely island of death Evening Post. 1963 31
Marion Island Lantern 1954 29
Bibliometric dataset of scientific articles relating to South Africa's research in the Southern Oceans 2013 23
The Wanderer May Edition Newsletters May-18 19
A history of South African involvement in Antarctica and at the Prince Edward Islands South African Journal of Antarctic Research 1991 15
Marion Team M71 Newsletter - The Wanderer 2014 11
A history of recent South African marine research in the Southern Ocean South African Journal for Antarctic Research vol 21 no 2 1991 8
Accumulation of stranded plastic objects and other artefacts at Inaccessible Island, Central South Atlantic Ocean. South African Journal of Antarctic Research vol 18 no 1 1988 8
Antarktiese Bulletin, 1966 = Antarctic Bulletin, 1966 Antarctic bulletin, 1966 1966 5

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